The Villages Emergency Dentist

The Villages Emergency Dentist

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Dental Trauma in The Villages

An accident or injury may result in dental trauma. One or more teeth may become detached either partially or completely. Such situations require urgent care, which we are pleased to provide here at Dentistry on the Square.

If a tooth is still partially attached to the socket, it is referred to as being dislodged. The term applied when the tooth has come fully loose is avulsed. The chances of saving the tooth in either case are dependent on two things. First, you should take the appropriate measures before arriving at our office. And second, the timeliness of the treatment you get from our The Villages emergency dentist is a major factor in the success of the care you receive. Where you go to have your dental trauma addressed makes a difference. Hospitals may seem like they make sense, but few of them have any dental equipment at all. Worse still, they are very unlikely to have a dentist on staff. On the other hand, our The Villages emergency dentist has the expertise as well as the equipment and instruments to ensure the best possible chances for a positive outcome. If your tooth is dislodged, you should try to gently push it back into place in advance of your visit to our office. An avulsed tooth needs to be kept moist. You can do that by placing it in a container of milk or in warm water with a pinch of salt. Call our office or have someone else do so on your behalf. This way, we can give you any other helpful guidance that may apply. Furthermore, we will be better prepared for you when you get here.

Reach out to our office immediately when you have a traumatic injury to your teeth. We will have you seen by our The Villages emergency dentist as quickly as possible.

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