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Dental Emergencies in 32162

32162 dentist
32162 dentist

If you think you may be suffering from a dental or endodontic emergency, it’s important to call Dentistry on the Square. Our 32162 dentist handles emergencies such as fractured or dislodged teeth, cracked teeth and swollen, sore teeth. Our treatments are specialized to help patients find immediate relief. Toothaches are a main reason patients come in. If the toothache is not taken care of, it may cause tooth decay and eventual need for a tooth extraction.

Our 32162 dentist also provides evaluation and diagnosis of as well as treatment of fractured and dislodged teeth, which is considered an emergency. Cracked teeth can be the result of different causes, and may cause pain while chewing and biting if the tooth is exposed to different temperatures. If the tooth is cracked, the cracked pieces of the tooth can move and can begin to irritate the pulp inside, which becomes very painful. When bite pressure is released, it may cause sharp pain. It can cause the pulp inside to become permanently damaged, leading to infection and most likely extraction of the tooth. An emergency root canal, or emergency endodontic treatment, is designed to save the tooth from needing extraction so that it doesn’t have to be pulled.

Root canals are designed to clean the inside of the tooth and remove the damaged and infected pulp, while saving the entire tooth surrounding it. We 32162 dentist first clean and seal the tooth while the patient is under local anesthesia. It is not painful and once completed, a crown is placed over it to protect the area. Root canals are designed to save the tooth, however, from being extracted. An emergency root canal may be performed if there is an infection, or abscess, under the tooth’s root or along the gum line.

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